Photograph by Furhan Hussain

About the Work

Much of the personal practice here is centred on photography and performance, and supported by writing, vocalisation, and communication design. Its dominant themes are
‣ the evocation and ecology of material and psychological places;
‣ the possibility of congruence and navigable space within an individual/community/environment.

The human body—primary locator, receptacle and vehicle of the self—recurs in these investigations. To discern the space that one can or cannot occupy is, frequently, to delineate the state of the psyche; and vice versa.
Photographic projects that begin as record-keeping quietly develop into psychosocial activism. Performance art pieces (fuelled by spontaneity and evolving in real-time) achieve fullest form by interfacing with the audience and environment.
Documentation, abstraction, metaphor—these are methods of actualisation. Seeking/traversing/consolidating the possibilities at their thresholds is a prelude to so much more.

momin.zafar@gmail.comKarachi, Pakistan